juste-debout-2013-worldwide-tourJuste Debout organisers have announced the date of the UK qualifier and 2013 international tour across 15 countries.

Juste Debout UK will take place in London on Sunday 27 January 2013 at the Camden Centre near Kings Cross organised by Clara Bajado of InDaHouse and Vicki Igbokwe of Uchenna Dance Company.

Juste Debout, or ‘just stand up’ when translated from French, is an annual street dance competition for stood up dance styles held in Paris in the disciplines of hip hop, experimental top rock, locking, popping and house dance.

The individual categories for the UK qualifiers have not yet been announced but are expected to follow last year’s: Hip hop, house, popping, locking an experimental; however, additional regional categories such as toprock or waacking may also be announced nearer the date.

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Juste Debout 2013 international tour dates

The Juste Debout 2013 tour will travel to 15 different countries across Europe, Asia and the USA. Taiwan, Korea and Greece are new dates added to the Juste Debout international qualifier tour; Canada and Dublin qualifiers have been removed since 2012 (See: Juste Debout 2012 qualifier dates).

Taiwan: Taipei
Sunday 9 December

China: Wuhan
Saturday 15 December

Japan: Tokyo
Friday 4 January

Korea: Seoul
Saturday 12 And Sunday 13 January

UK: London
Sunday 27 January

(venue and date to be anounced)

Poland: Szczecin
Saturday 2 February

Netherlands: Amsterdam
Sunday 3 February

Estonia: Tallin
Saturday 9 February

Switzerland: Geneva
Sunday 10 February

Germany: Düsseldorf
Saturday 16 February

Italy: Roma
Sunday 17 February

Spain: Barcelona
Sunday 27 February

Greece: Glyfada
Sunday 24 February

Sweden: Stockholm
Saturday 2 March

France: Paris
Saturday 9 March

Juste Debout World Finals
Sunday 10 March 2013 at Paris Bercy

Juste Debout 2013 judges

Hit Master Fish

Hip Hop
Bruce Blanchard