LXD logoAccording to reports on MTV’s website, the planned second series of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD) will be “all about the villains,” expanding on the mythology of the first series.

The report also states that the second season has already been filmed.

Director Jon M Chu was quoted by MTV: “In season two, which is them coming into learning what the LXD is, learning about what the organization is, learning who their enemies are, learning what the power, which we call RA … and this RA, which is like chi or aura or chakra, can be focused and sent outside of the body. So they’re going to explore how they can hone this RA and that there is evil out there.”

However, fans of Chu’s work are unable to watch the series due to Hulu, a service similar to YouTube, will not stream content outside of America.

Chu is also the director of Step Up 3D which earned £2.2 million at the box office over its opening weekend, and is also currently working on an untitled Justin Bieber concert film.

Read the full MTV report here.