Juste Debout UK 2011 results can be found below.

B-Boy Spin will represent the UK in toprock, Urbane Legendes will represent in locking, Kashmir and Turbo in house, Brooke and Dickson for popping and Old Future in hip hop.

Video: Juste Debout UK 2011 – Behind the scenes (YouTube)

Full results for Juste Debout UK can be found below, with winners highlighted in bold. Please note, there may be misspellings with some dancer names – please look out for the corrections later in the week!

Juste Debout toprock results

Quarter finals
Clint v D. Bo
Speedy Legs v Ed Spoons
Francois v Wild Kid
Spectrum v Spin

Semi finals
D Bo v Ed Spoons
Francois v Spin

Ed Spoons v Spin

Juste Debout locking results

Quarter final
Pop C and Diva J v ?
Rowdy and Mr Ben v Courtney and Taya
Double the Funk v Alyashka Crew
Legendes Urbane v Elise and Kajila

Semi finals
Pop C and Diva v Rowdy and Mr Ben
Legendes Urbane v Double the Funk

Rowdy and Mr Ben v Legendes Urbanes

Juste Debout house dance results

Quarter finals
Rami and Sanchez v Kashmir and Turbo
Mary and Chris v Norman and Ricardo
Byron and Maggie v Botis and Ricardo
C+Step v Caramel and Sean

Semi finals
Norman and Ricardo v Kashmir and Turbo
Botis and Ricardo v Caramel and Sean

Kashmir and Turbo v Botis and Ricardo

Juste Debout popping results

Quarter finals
Dickson and Brooke v Jut Su and Mechanicool
Alpa and Marvel v JC and ?
Boogie and Breaks v Casseurs Popper
Rebel and Kate v Ricoshay and Pharoacious

Semi finals
Brooke and Dickson v Alpa and Marvel
Casseurs Popper v Rebel and Kate

Brooke and Dickson v Casseurs Popper

Juste Debout hip hop results

Quarter finals
Kofi and Ivan v ?
Old Future v Sis
Marie and Dro v Talent and Demo
Manny and Ricardo v ?

Semi finals
Kofi and Ivan v Old Future
Marie and Dro v Manny and Ricardo

Old Future v Marie and Dro