juste-debout-uk-2012The winners of Juste Debout UK 2012 have been revealed after the competition took place at Camden Centre, Euston, London today.

It is the second time that Juste Debout qualifiers have taken place in the UK since it first preliminary qualifiers in 2011.

Battles took place in the categories of two on two hip hop, locking, popping, house and solo experimental.

Meech and King Charles (USA) won in house, The Cage in hip hop, Los Kassos (France) in popping Teddy in experimental and Badness Crew (France) in locking. No UK entrants won in any of the categories. Full results can be found below.

The winners of each category have qualified to battle at the Juste Debout world finals in Paris, France on 11 March.

Juste Debout, or ‘just stand up’ when translated from French, is an annual street dance competition held in Paris in the disciplines of hip hop, experimental top rock, locking, popping and house dance.

Juste Debout UK was organised by Vicki Igbokwe of Uchenna Dance Company and Clara Bajado of InDaHouse.

Juste Debout UK 2012 winners and results

Winners of each round are highlighted in bold. These are initial and unverified results and there may be spelling mistakes – please leave a comment so we can comment to correct any errors or ommisions.

Juste Debout UK Hip Hop results

Quarter finals
Red Steppers v Candie and Ula
The Cage v K Nics
Julia and Saul v Elite Squad
Tonbee and Luffy v United Kingdom (Duwane ‘Sparxx’ Taylor and Botis Seva)

Semi finals
Red Steppers v The Cage
Tonbee and Luffy v Julia and Saul

The Cage v Tonbee and Luffy

Juste Debout UK House results

Quarter finals
Anja and Sonja v Latina and Mina
Housetronix v Romeo and Sparky
Mina and Emily v King Charles and Meech
Illafeet v Botis and Caramel

Semi finals
Anja and Sonja v Housetronix
Caramel and Botis v King Charles and Meech

Housetronix v King Charles and Meech

Juste Debout UK Popping results

Quarter finals
Canale United v Jon Boogs and Popping John
Los Kassos v ?
Brooke and Dickson v Kat and Popping Mike
Kieron and Frankie v Con Dem Duchamp

Semi finals
Los Kassos
v Jon Boogs and Popping John
Brooke and Dickson v Con Dem Duchamp

Los Kassos
v Brooke and Dickson

Juste Debout UK Locking results

Semi finals
Badness Crew
v Chocolate Funk
Teneisha and Courtney v Armageddon v Brooke and Jerry

Badness Crew
v Brooke and Jerry

Juste Debout UK Experimental results

Teddy Dimen Botis Dickson Soul Quest Lisa Duwane

Juste Debout 2012 International tour and dates

Find out the results from previous Juste Debout Steez 2012 international preliminaries below

Japan: Tokyo – Friday 6 January – view results
China: Wuhan – Sunday 8 January – view results
Singapore : Singapore – Presets – Saturday 14 January; Final – Sunday 15 January – view results
Canada: Montreal – Saturday 21 January – view results
Sweden: Stockholm – Presets – Friday 27 January; Final – Saturday 28 January – view results
Spain: Madrid – Sunday 29 January ** – view results
Finland: Helsinki – Saturday 4 February – view results
Netherlands: Amsterdam – Sunday 5 February – view results
Ireland: Dublin – Saturday 11 February ** – view results
Switzerland: Geneva – Sunday 12 February – view results
Poland: Szczecin – Sunday 19 February ** view results
UK: London – Saturday 25 February
Germany: Dusseldorf – Sunday 26 February – view results
France: Paris (City Hall) – Saturday 10 March
** denotes new countries added to the 2012 edition of Juste Debout