watch-battle-of-the-year-2012-online-play-buttonWatch Battle of the Year (BOTY) 2012 world finals online live streamed from Montpellier in France tonight with friends by sharing this post with your friends online!

20 international BOTY b-boy crews will perform their routines before the judges rank the top six crews to battle one another in a semi final and third place.

Update: Battle of the Year 2012 world final results – find out the winners here!

Battle of the Year changed the format from previous years in favour of a temporary new battle formula where six crews qualify for the final battles, not four. The two crews with the highest show rankings will go directly to the semi-finals while the other four crews will battle in the quarter-finals for the remaining two spots in the semis.

Watch Battle of the Year 2012 online – world finals live stream

Note that this live stream may not work in your country due to restrictions on content – if the player doesn’t load then refresh your page.
If a countdown timer shows you should set your computer’s time to French time (GMT+1) in your system settings – the broadcast will start at 8pm locally.

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