The trailer for All Stars, a new 3D street dance movie set for 2013 starring Akai Osei, winner of the first series of Got to Dance, has been released by Vertigo Films.

In post production the All Stars film sees Akai reunited with actors and producers from past movie projects.

Update: Watch the extended All Stars 3D trailer here!

The All Stars film storyline revolves around the imminent closure of a local youth club urgently in need of fundraising and will be directed by Ben Gregor and produced by Allan Niblo and James Richardson from Street Dance, with Rupert Preston, Jim Spencer and Nick Love, released under Vertigo Films and aimed at a children’s market, written by Paul Gerstenberger, writer of children’s TV series Paradise Cafe.

All Stars 3D movie trailer

Akai plays the lead role of Jayden alongside Theo Stevenson as Ethan, best known for his role in the Horrid Henry movie in which Akai also starred, along with a cast made up of mainly BBC actors: Ashley Jensen, known for her role in Ugly Betty and Extras; Ashley Walters (Asher D) from So Solid Crew, and Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud make up the main All Stars film cast, with additional appearances from Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered) and John Barrowman from Dr Who.

While All Stars is a follow up street dance movie from Vertigo Films there is no storyline relation between it and Street Dance 2. However, a casting call in February announced the movie under the working title of Street Dance Juniors, describing it as a “spin off franchise” of the Street Dance films.

In related news, the rights to the UK Street Dance movies were sold to independent US studios Phase 4 to handle theatrical releases of the movies across American theatres and on demand services.

The All Stars film is released on 3 May 2013.

All Stars film storyline synopsis

When the local after school youth club is threatened with closure, shy street dancer Jayden must team up with loudmouthed Ethan to not only organise the ultimate fundraiser but put together an unbeatable hip hop crew to save the day and win the girl.

All Stars movie cast summary

Theo Stevenson

Akai Osei-Mansfield

Ashley Jensen

Fleur Houdijk

Dominic Herman-Day

Amelia Clarkson

Gamal Toseafa

Hanae Atkins

Kimberley Walsh

Kieran Lai

Ashley Walters

Javine Hylton

Kevin Bishop

Mark Heap
Simon Tarrington

Susan Earl
Valerie Chambers

Hugh Dennis
Mr. Hart