The Juste Debout 2012 World Final takes place this weekend in Paris, France at the Bercy Arena.

Dancers from 14 international qualifiers and two sets from the French qualifier will battle in the categories of popping, house, locking and experimental to become world champions in their respective disciplines.

Update: See the Juste Debout 2012 World Final results here!

A full list of all the dancers competiting at Juste Debout 2012 Paris can be found below, divided by category and showing which international preliminary they won.

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Juste Debout 2012 Paris international qualified dancers by style

Results in regional qualifier and chronological order can be found at the bottom of this article

Hip Hop qualified dancers (duets)

Lil J and Sparkle / China qualifier
Rush Ball (Kyoka and Maïka) / Japan qualifier
Destiny Family (Clown and Sedechu) / Singapore qualifier
Tealeaf and Bowtox 24K / Canada qualifier
Hugo and Jens / Sweden qualifier
Beatmonkeyz 59 and Ghetto Style – Marcio and Jib / Spain qualifier
B.O.S.S. Team – Bruce Blanchard and Junbox / Finland qualifier
Kulture Kids (Kenzo And Shay) / Netherlands qualifier
Maximus and Zulu / Switzerland qualifier
Kanon and Fabrice / Ireland qualifier
MIK Fam – Prince and Isaac / Poland qualifier
Klan De Skillz  – Wally and Meth / Italy qualifier
The Cage / UK qualifier
Majid and Iceee / Germany qualifier
Salas and Ben /Jimmy and Sam / France qualifer

Locking qualified dancers (duets)

Yu and Sun / China qualifier
Full Ahead (Yuma and Nobby) / Japan qualifier
PHDxKFC (A-Wei & A-Mei) / Singapore qualifier
Max and Abdul / Canada qualifier
Soul Sweat / Funky 4 Brothers (A-train & Markus) / Sweden qualifier
Brodas Bros  – Pol and Yuk / Spain qualifier
Alex and Ice / Finland qualifier
Sens’as Legendes Urbaines (Manu And Loïc) / Netherlands qualifier
Willow and Jeremy / Switzerland qualifier
Wova and Moroz / Ireland qualifier
Grzelock and Edwin / Poland qualifier
Darthryan and Tony Flower – Ryan and Tony Flower / Italy qualifier
Badness Crew / UK qualifier
Jan and Shizzo / Germany qualifier
Ducky and Jay / Woong and Khan / France qualifer

Popping qualified dancers (duets)

Dino and Sonic / China qualifier
Former Action (Kite and Madoka) / Japan qualifier
Flexion Boogz (Popchen  Popjs) / Singapore qualifier
Monster Pop and Venom / Canada qualifier
SpazM and Baby Bang / Sweden qualifier
C & S –  Cintia and Sacha / Spain qualifier
Vitek and Serj / Finland qualifier
Most Wanted Gens (Slow Boog And Jackson) / Netherlands qualifier
Samsam and VanVan / Switzerland qualifier
Crysto and Poppin Prince / Ireland qualifier
Baba Zula – Arman and Boo / Poland qualifier
Gangsta Boogaloos  – Shorty and Ciro / Italy qualifier
Los Kassos / UK qualifier
Bruce Ikanji and Gator / Germany qualifier
Philboog and Yassine / Poppin J and Crazy Kyo / France qualifer

House qualified dancers (duets) 

A Yang and Kim / China qualifier
Hyrossi and Shuho / Japan qualifier
ADHOC (Sang Yeong  Han) / Singapore qualifier
Cybo and Hideki / Canada qualifier
Crazy Alliance / Sweden qualifier
Wanted Posse and Serial Stepperz – Mamson and Babson / Spain qualifier
Farfor – BNZ and Raf / Finland qualifier
Gravity Zero (Tonyz And Veusty) / Netherlands qualifier
Perla and Bly / Switzerland qualifier
Sarou and Fabou / Ireland qualifier
BW – ADN and Zwagga / Poland qualifier
Peeps and Daneshiro / Italy qualifier
King Charles and Meech / UK qualifier
Adnan and OG / Germany qualifier
Hiro and Pino / Serge and Kapela / France qualifer

Juste Debout 2012 International tour and dates

Find out the results from previous Juste Debout Steez 2012 international preliminaries below

Japan: Tokyo – Friday 6 January – view results
China: Wuhan – Sunday 8 January – view results
Singapore : Singapore – Presets – Saturday 14 January; Final – Sunday 15 January – view results
Canada: Montreal – Saturday 21 January – view results
Sweden: Stockholm – Presets – Friday 27 January; Final – Saturday 28 January – view results
Spain: Madrid – Sunday 29 January ** – view results
Finland: Helsinki – Saturday 4 February – view results
Netherlands: Amsterdam – Sunday 5 February – view results
Ireland: Dublin – Saturday 11 February ** – view results
Switzerland: Geneva – Sunday 12 February – view results
Poland: Szczecin – Sunday 19 February ** – view results
UK: London – Saturday 25 February – view results
Germany: Dusseldorf – Sunday 26 February – view results
France: Paris (City Hall) – Saturday 10 March – view results
** denotes new countries added to the 2012 edition of Juste Debout