DS2DIO, pronounced ‘D-Studio,’ an online dance lifestyle channel, has been announced as the next major project for LXD creator and Step Up director Jon M Chu.

DS2DIO will be an online channel available on YouTube, slated for a 2012 debut.

A teaser trailer was uploaded to YouTube yesterday narrated by Jon M Chu.

Video: DS2DIO – To People Who Love Dance…

Jon M Chu is no stranger to online video after writing, directing and producing The Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD), an exclusively online series of superhero dance adventures that won an International Digital Emmy Award in 2011. Although later released on iTunes, the original series of LXD was released exclusively through American online streaming service, Hulu.

Presently Chu is currently executive producer for the movie Step Up 4: Miami Heat.

DS2DIO description

This is what we believe.
There are things in this world more powerful than words.

A single look,
A shift in weight,
A hand, a palm, a finger…
Can move you.
Can seduce you.
Can make you believe
In magic.

Because movement is the most basic form of communication
For every human being on the planet.
It expresses what a whole bunch of words never could.


Each as powerful as the next…
That expresses the people, the culture, the place that they come from:
A moving record of our human existence.

But it’s not about how many flips
Or how many spins
Or how high
Or how straight.
It’s how far…
You can stretch…
Your soul.

For all those who dance,
The ones who love to move
At a wedding, at a party
Or just in the living room
Dance moves you.
We know the feeling
Because we are those people too.

Now technology makes it possible
For all of us to be together.
To share
To reinvent
To rediscover… each other
And the common rhythm that unifies us all.

There are things in this world more powerful than words.
And now there’s a place to share them.
This is what we believe.

The world’s first dance lifestyle channel.